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We are happy to accommodate translations of any size, from half-page documents to multi-volume large projects!

Over 120 Languages

Accents Language Services has provided document translation for a wide range of individuals and applications. This diverse experience ensures we have the expertise to efficiently and accurately capture the subtle nuances required to communicate exactly what is intended, regardless of the complexity or subject matter of the document.

Computer Format Specialists

Today’s complex computer format requirements vary with each language group. ALS not only speaks the language of the culture, we are also fluent in all formats required to conveniently output your text to print.

ALS supports a wide range of software including all Microsoft applications. In addition we offer experience and expertise, in QuarkXpress, CorelDraw, Illustrator, PageMaker, FrameMaker etc.

Advanced formatting including graphics and tables are routine features of our daily activity.

Process and Quality Control

At the start of a project, the best candidate translator is chosen according to his/her level of expertise in the material at hand and a production schedule is established.

Consistency of style, confidentiality and ongoing document control are rigorously maintained. The finished translation undergoes two spell checks and a professionally finished product is produced.

Once revised and approved by the translator, a final copy is immediately delivered to the client through electronic mail or courier of a high-quality hard copy and/or diskettes. We possess multiple World Font and keyboard packages.